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Transparency. Sustainability. Permaculture.
We uphold the highest standards of ethical trade. 

Fair Trade






Stewards of the Sharing Economy

What is the sharing economy all about? Well, we now know that the current global economy is unsustainable in the long term for a variety of reasons. That's not to say it's going to end anytime soon, but we ought to be thinking of better and more efficient methods for the future.  A new economic revolution involving different types of resource sharing, permaculture, and sustainability is starting to emerge.

Like many others using the internet, we are able to share a variety sustainable products from around the world at a low marginal cost. However the difference between us and many others is that we are fully transparent. On our online store, we introduce you directly to the artisans behind each product, so you know your purchase goes directly to artisans and supporting our mission. And, if you catch us in person, all of our products are offered on a "pay what you want" basis.

When you shop with us, you're participating in the sharing economy.   

Fair trade is a movement to achieve sustainable trade practices including fair pay for producers and a focus on social and environmental standards. We adhere to these fair trade principles and source products exclusively from ethically run businesses and independent artisan groups.

To us, fair trade is a part of the socially conscious mindset. We go beyond fair trade standards, and include socially conscious aspects in all of our operations. This means that our involvement with communities is mutually beneficial and not exploitative, providing benefit to all involved in our mission. Whether it’s ensuring that our products are produced ethically with respect to worker rights, paying above the asking price for products, using sustainable materials, and supporting small businesses, Space Pirate Trading seeks to adhere not only to fair trade principles, but socially conscious principles as a whole. 

We believe in being transparent when it comes to how we operate. This means that we document and share the artisans behind each of our products, and list the costs involved on our online store. With this system, you contribute to a better world with the confidence that your purchase is going to the right places.

We travel to locations around the world in order to find our products at the source. When we find great things that meet our rigorous standards, we meet and work with the artisan or family to bulk order their products directly. Sometimes, they have stock available already, and other times we place an order. Since we purchase direct from artisans and their families rather than a supplier or distributor, we can ensure that the producers are paid fairly and that they adhere to our principles. From here, we manage the entire shipping process to get products to our customers.

We believe in a sustainable future, which is why we carefully select artisans and products that are produced with people and our environment in mind. We always seek to minimize our impact and maximize permaculture: the products we find are made with sustainable materials and labor practices, and it is our goal to one day transport all of our goods via renewable energy. 

Creating a sustainable system for all humans to thrive will take a lot of work and innovation. We all have to do our part to make a difference. We hope you'll join us in creating the future we want humanity to inherit.