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Artisan Spotlights

Finding authentic artisans around the globe.

Stewards of the Sharing Economy

As Space Pirates, we search far and deep into the places we travel for the best authentic, handmade items by skilled artisans. When we find an amazing item on our journeys, we track down the producers and try to meet them and observe their craft. If their practices follow our principles, we add their products to our inventory and create an Artisan Spotlight that:

Guarantees the products' artisanal, sustainable, and fair trade qualities
Allows the viewer to connect with the artisan and art form via videos and images
Provides an online storefront for artisans that don't have access to the web

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Vu and Chai - Hmong Traditional Textiles 
These two Hmong women work with their community to produce beautiful textile products by hand. Using a variety of techniques including indigo batik and stitched embroidery, these women are skilled and talented artisans. 

Nguyen Van Tinh - Bamboo and Rattan Weaving
´╗┐This traditional artisan specializes in bamboo weaving, a technique passed down to him over generations from his father and their ancestors. Today, his two workshops produce a variety of handwoven products that are both beautiful and functional.

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Yasminida - Bamboo Utensils & Straws
´╗┐This artisan works with the local community to produce hand made bamboo utensils and straws that come with a beautiful hand-sewn travel pouch.