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How We Get Cheap Flights with Google Flights and more

There are so many services available today to help you find good deals on airfare, but navigating them can be overwhelming. Well, it is a complicated business so get ready for a bit of a lengthy article. But, I’ve tried to split this article into digestible sections. So without further ado, here’s how Space Pirate Trading Company manages to get around the world on an affordable budget using the best flight search tool available: Google Flights.

What is Google Flights and how does it work?

Basically, it’s an aggregator that searches the entire web for...

Love of Vietnamese Coffee

After living in Vietnam for 4 months, we've developed quite the coffee habit. Drinking ca phe, as it's known in Vietnamese, is a normal part of everyday life here; it's one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world. But there's something different about the coffee here. It's incredibly rich, flavorful, and delicious. That's due to several factors that make this coffee unique in the world.

First, Vietnamese coffee is often a blend of multiple types of coffee beans. The robusta coffee bean, which is sometimes unfairly looked down upon by aficionados, is actually a key aspect of the rich...

Searching for Hemp Textiles

Searching for Hemp Textiles

We knew from our travels that there were amazing clothes, bags, accessories, and other products made from locally grown hemp, and we knew roughly where they were being made. So we set out on motorcycles on a loop across the North. From Hanoi to Mai Chau, to Son La, to Sa Pa, to Bac Ha, to Bac Kan, and back to Hanoi, we found all sorts of amazing products that exceeded our hopes.

Trying to sort out our motorcycle issues...

Trying to sort out motorcycle issues..

Bamboo Village Trip

Our first find was the traditional handwoven bamboo rattan products made in the workshop of artisan Nguyen Van Tinh. We heard through our Vietnamese friend that this workshop was making the exact sort of hand made products that we were looking for, so we took a trip to check it out. 

In Phu Vinh, a village outside of the capital city Hanoi, the raw materials for these products are grown, harvested, processed, and woven by hand. There are several artists here who still preserve the traditional process, each with their own style. Our friend assured us the Mr. Nguyen's...