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Space Pirate Mission 2.0: searching for the best sustainable, consciously crafted goods

First off, enormous thanks to our supporters, your encouragement has been invaluable to keeping this project on track. In case you are just joining us, we've spent the past year starting this journey to create our vision: an online marketplace for sustainable, conscious, handmade treasures of all varieties from around the world. So far we've made it Southeast Asia and created two incredible artisan product lines that fit our vision. Check out the Artisan Spotlights here!

We are so excited to begin our second mission, back to Asia, to search for more amazing artisans and add to our collection of handcrafted products. We've been planning an itinerary to complete the work we started in Vietnam, but we need your help. This time, we're live streaming the trip. That's right, we'll being going live on location as we journey through Southeast Asia. What does this mean?

Well, obviously you'll get to keep up with all the crazy action (things can get wonky when you're on a Space Pirate mission, just check our some of our previous blog posts), but even better than that, we hope that YOU will give us input on the things you like. A special promotion related to this will be announced soon!

Thank you again to our supporters, we are so excited for the future and all of the amazing things we're going to find, and we hope you are too! We would so appreciate if you leave us a comment or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Your support makes all the difference!

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