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Space Pirate Log, Kumbh Mela 2019

Hello Brothers and Sisters and Namaste,

I can’t believe how long it has been. I’ve wanted to give this update since it all began three years ago and I’m happy to say I finally feel it in my bones to share all the amazingness with whoever cares enough to care and click on this post.

So, introductions, my name is Drew, I am a spiritual nomad, one among many masks I wear, and obviously also a Space Pirate Trader.

I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, USA. On this day I am 24 years old, have been traveling since I was 19, and have more recently taken on the mission of finding home in the Heart and thus the Whole World.

Currently I am at the Kumbh Mela. I am in India for the first time, and have had a goofy sequence of events land me in the seat of one responsible for coordinating a campsite in the Kumbh Mela for many international “Sadhus” a bit like myself, however usually a few shades more devout and badass than myself. ;p. The Kumbh Mela, for those unfamiliar, is a large spiritual pilgrimage or mela or “spirit festival” that has gone on for centuries possibly even millenia, at which thousands and now millions, of Babas or Naga Sadhus and Hindustani people from all walks gather once every three, six and twelve years, to bathe in the sacred Ganga river. This pilgrimage is rooted in a myth about Lord Shiva, in which a few drops of the sacred elixir of immortality, Amrita, are believed to have fallen from Shiva’s ‘jatas’ or dreadlocks, into the sacred river. The Kumbh Mela takes place in three different locations, in a triennial cycle, where these drops are believed to have fallen from above into the Ganga. There is expected to be between 50 and 100 million people passing through this space throughout the 2 month long mela. It is by far the most stimulating, overwhelming and densely populated place and event I have ever been a part of by a long shot. I am deeply humbled by the strength and light I see in the eyes of everyone we cross paths with here, and pray that this is the first of many cross cultural exchanges of this magnitude because we all truly have so much to offer each other.

But enough about that, back to it, so three years ago my brother, friend, fellow light worker and eternal business partner, Jurriaan and I started Space Pirate Trading Company, with the intention of spreading loving awareness, sustainability, beauty, and sacredness to anyone and everyone possible, while also sustaining our desire for a life full of travel. 

There are many inspirations and life experiences of mine and of Jurri’s that lead us to this dream, but most prevalent were the profound experiences we both had upon visiting South East Asia for the first time (Cambodia, Thailand & Vietnam). We went to see a good friend who had decided to head that way from the States for the long haul, and left realizing there was much more to life than we had ever conceived before.

We were utterly mindblown on all sides from the vast cultural differences, colors, smells, sounds, foods, crafts, sunrises, smiles, you name it. Shortly thereafter we knew the traveling life, was the life we wanted, as it challenges us to see a bigger more interconnected picture, but we also felt a strong drive to not just be a stick in the mud, bopping around from place to place using all the hot water, drinking all the beer, consuming and creating waste everywhere we went, rather we hoped to find a way to meaningfully contribute to the places and people that were welcoming and accommodating our needs, so unconditionally, so compassionately.

In this material world we live in we figured the best way to be of service and speak to the hearts of others was to offer material goods that were otherwise unavailable in the places we were traveling, to inspire more conscious, connected living with sacredness, Love and sustainability being the pillars. The eventual goal being to sail the Seven Seas without any impact at all, no fossil fuels, trading sustainability, love and sacredness for food rations, boat repairs, yada yada. 

So three years later, we know we made the right decisions, to put all other ideas of ourselves to the side and melt fully in the dream we had. We have grown steadily and organically since then and though we are still quite small, we now have firm roots around the world and are prepared to bring the best possible version of everything to everyone all over. 

Much love to all my relations, the mothers, the fathers, the sisters, the brothers, the makers, the hustlers, the teachers, the dancers, the players, the animal spirits, the lands, rocks, trees and seas that have blessed us with their love. We wouldn’t be anywhere without love, friends, and family. 

If you have been with us since the beginning, deep gratitude to you for believing in us and coming along for the ride, if you are just joining us we wish you blessing of loving awareness to come into your life more and more everyday. 

I couldn’t possibly encapsulate the bliss I feel in this moment into these paragraphs, however I hope my attempt to pull us all just a bit closer isn’t in vein. Definitely stay tuned for more. If you feel to get involved or help us in anyway the biggest way is simply helping us amass exposure, be it through social media (Facebook invitations) local papers, blog spotlights, whatever medium the more the merrier. Of course donations are always welcome, PayPal is easiest,, that being said it’s not needed truly as we’re in the business of sharing things, trading things, so finding something for you or for a gift for a loved one from our site is just as magical. The other biggest way to support us is to simply embody the mentality we are walking with. Contribute to companies, farms, stores, artisans etc. that are practicing or continuing permanent sustainability, permaculture, if we continue to put money into business creating mass waste, pollution, destruction, poverty, exploitation, death, and/or disease, we are stilling fueling their toxic fire and providing them cash incentive to continue their harmful practices. I hope this message finds you well in this moment.

Deep Love and Infinite blessing to you and yours. Until we meet again...


Drew, Jurri, James and Cara

Space Pirate Trading Company


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