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Love of Vietnamese Coffee

After living in Vietnam for 4 months, we've developed quite the coffee habit. Drinking ca phe, as it's known in Vietnamese, is a normal part of everyday life here; it's one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world. But there's something different about the coffee here. It's incredibly rich, flavorful, and delicious. That's due to several factors that make this coffee unique in the world.

First, Vietnamese coffee is often a blend of multiple types of coffee beans. The robusta coffee bean, which is sometimes unfairly looked down upon by aficionados, is actually a key aspect of the rich flavor of Vietnamese coffee. This coffee bean has characteristics that make it favorable for growers, and thus is often used as filler in large corporate coffee brands. Poorly grown robusta coffee is often very bitter, lacking in flavor, but high in caffeine. This makes it useful for budget coffee brands.

However, properly grown robusta coffee actually lacks excessive bitterness and includes a richer, more chocolatey flavor than typical arabica coffee. When combined with high-quality arabica beans, it creates a delicious, balanced coffee blend. This flavorful blend is what gives Vietnamese coffee its classic taste.

In our search for Vietnamese coffee, we got in touch with Mehyco coffee, which produces a 100% pure, single-origin coffee blend. This family run company produces coffee ethically in the coffee-growing highlands of Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam. A volcanic plateau, the rich soil here produces high-quality coffee beans and Mehyco blends only beans grown at their farms there. While we are unable to squeeze in a trip to the farm on our current stay in Vietnam, we're excited to return and visit.

In addition to the coffee itself, we also hope to offer Vietnamese coffee filters for traditional preparation. These single or multiple cup, slow drip, reusable metal filters make the perfect cup of coffee. We regret that we don't think it's possible to find handmade filters at the moment, but our search never ends. In the meantime, we'll offer the best high-quality filters we can find.

Stay tuned for an upcoming video all about Vietnamese coffee and how to make it!

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