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Cosmic Perfection

It's amazing where it all takes us when we just listen. Listen to our bodies, Listen to our truest desires, Listen to our loved ones, Listen to the messages.

My partner and I were traveling through India for a few months, as you may know from my previous post. Our lives were transformed and the natural progression was to head to Nepal, to Kathmandu. Kathmandu is home to what is believed to be one of the most sacred temples dedicated to Shiva in the world, Pashupati nath. March Fourth this year was the celebration for the day Shiva drank the great poison, the Hala Hala, to save the world from its toxicity. Story goes he drank it, and held it in his throat, because had he swallowed it it would have killed him. That part confuses me a bit because my mind can't conceive of the creator, sustainer and destroyer of the entire universe actually dying. Anywho story goes on, through the primordial sound of AUM (OM) he transmutes the poison residing in his throat, vibrating it until it becomes the Amrita which I also mentioned in the previous post, "the elixer of immortality." Mahashivaratri is the holiday to celebrate this event as well as his divine wedding with Parvati, which symbolises the sacred union of masuline and feminine, cosmic and earthly, unmanifest and manifest form.

Needless to say this was a special day to be in Kathmandu, celebrations of song, dance, chanting, hash smoking, meditation, you name it. It's a day that calls us to ask who we really are and how we're going to choose to express this infinite potential that is coursing through each of us.

Shortly after the festivities a good friend from Bali reached out to let me know that he was getting married soon. I knew he was but didn't know the date and when he initially mentioned it I figured I wouldn't be able to make it just because of how far away we would be and our minimal funds at the time. But to my surprise the floodgates opened, some money I had been waiting on finally showed up, flights got a touch cheaper, a friend offered me a ticket to an event going on in Bali at the same time... All the messages said go! We were conflicted though we hadn't really seen Nepal yet, not the real Nepal, the Nepal I got to know barefoot trekking in the Himalaya the first time I went. So it was clear we had to go and come back.

Here we are now in Bali and I felt to write this.. I don't really know why other than to mark the time and the feelings, the realizations catalyzed by this trip. So thank you if you're still here with me. I'm not sure who this is for other than myself but we never really know how our actions are received, maybe someone will see something in themselves from this, I certainly have.

So cosmic Perfection, the title, the start, maybe the reason you're here haha. We came for a wedding and a festival, the wedding was beautiful, but we missed the ceremony as it was early in the morning and something just felt blocked that day, we made it for the beginning of the reception and the bride and groom truly looked like a king and a queen. They were grateful we made it and I certainly was also. Our time there was short though, maybe it was perfect, although Im used to weddings going on well into the night and theirs might have, but around the time of sundown they arranged us a ride and let us go on our way. all in all the celebration was tame and sincere but no less beautiful. Now we have all this time to see the reasons we were lead here beyond the ones we thought we were here for. 

Since then every single day we've met someone that has just really shown us how perfect it all really is. Talking for hours and hours about life, love, spirit, sustainability, consciousness, dharma, business, art, expression, nihilism, pain, ignorance, sadness, surfing haha, everything. The moment is what we make it, and things are exactly as they are and our perspective towards them can't change that. Learning to be open to the flow, and observant of what's playing out in front of us as  well as behind the scenes in our subconscious, will be a never ending journey, but in any amount it has served me well in traveling and finding mySelf. Some say following our heart and getting to know thyself is the only life worth living. 


Thank You Bali, Gede, Yasmin and all of those that have lead me and guided me on this lovely journey.

Stay tuned... "There's only now in love."

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